Elmwood, Oklahoma (Beaver County)
June 8, 1995 (UTC)

Work continues on this interesting null event. A strong supercell persisted for many hours and moved from the northeast Texas Panhandle into the Oklahoma Panhandle. NCAR ELDORA is available from 1950-2130 UTC. DOW data collection started shortly after ELDORA data commenced. No P-3 data is available until later in the day owing to transmitter problems.

The original presentation was made at the 2nd VORTEX Workshop held December 2-3, 1997. An updated version was presented at the 19th Conference on Severe Local Storms (September 14-18, 1998).

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Some Possible Mechanisms for Tornadogenesis Failure:
A Multisensor Analysis of a Nontornadic Supercell

David O. Blanchard and Jerry M. Straka

What is "Tornadogenesis Failure"

Large-Scale Analysis

M-CLASS Soundings

ELDORA Flight Tracks

ELDORA Analysis (1950 UTC)

ELDORA Analysis (1958 UTC)

ELDORA Analysis (2004 UTC)

ELDORA Analysis (2012 UTC)

DOW Analysis (2019-2025 UTC)


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